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Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks℠: Scammers using fake antibody test to steal information, FBI warns

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Scammers have found yet another way to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic, by selling fake antibody tests.

A real antibody test will screen your blood for antibodies made when your body fights off an infection.

The presence of antibodies can determine if you have had COVID-19.

The FBI says fake tests potentially provide false results, which is bad enough, but the people selling the fraudulent kits are really after your personal information.

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Scammers are interested in things like your name, birth date and social security number.

They may even steal your Medicare or health insurance information.

Information like that can be used in future insurance fraud cases.

Here is what the FBI says to look out for:

  • People calling you saying the government is requiring you to take an antibody test
  • Tests advertised on social media
  • Claims that you can get money for taking the tests

You can also look up approved antibody test kits by checking them out at

If you think you have already been the victim of a COVID-19 fraud, you can report it to the

National Center for Disaster Fraud Hotline, online

or at (866) 720-5721.

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