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By Amin Bagheri

In late December, the World Health Organization reported a pneumonia-like disease in Wuhan, China. A few days after a report was revealed that a new type of Coronavirus was causing the disease. The virus, known as the New Corona, quickly killed humans in the 21th century. While the 21st Century of Science and Technology has reached a miraculous speed, for no one was it possible to imagine a new virus called Corona becoming a threat to human life and causing an international crisis. This mysterious virus raised many questions for human life and raised concerns for the world in the form of numerous questions. Many still haven’t figured out its dimensions and consequences, and even didn’t extend it seriously until a few weeks ago. The rapid spread of the virus has caused a variety of crises, all of which have had different reactions and effects on the economic and social scene and the relationships between countries. The rapid spread of the virus globally, though, is a sign of global interconnectedness and the fading of physical borders between countries. But closing the borders and restricting people’s free movement of government orders and, more importantly, adopting state-specific methods of crisis management will have no effect other than centralizing states as the most important international player. In fact, The status of the World Health Organization has not gone beyond just a facilitator and supervisor, and governments remain largely responsible for this. It should be noted, however, that the emergence of Corona as a global problem has highlighted the need for countries to work together and for the common human interest. Unfortunately, even under such acute conditions, some governments are still pursuing their own interests. But environmental degradation is undoubtedly a global issue that needs to be highlighted in common human interest, and governments are reluctant to relinquish part of their sovereignty to international law and order to effectively deal with environmental problems that threaten the integrity of human society.

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Advertising and political war

These days, instead of global sympathy and solidarity in the fight against the Corona virus, we are witnessing a global superpower propaganda war against each other.  In the propaganda and political warfare, the issue has become more sensitive and countries are trying to take advantage of this crisis as an opportunity to use propaganda to direct the public opinion of the world towards their political approaches. The accusations of various countries being deliberately propagated by their political rivals are one of the propaganda-political tactics heard here and there. But to what extent can we make that statement and call a country as a major cause of the spread of the virus? First, China, as the focal point of the deadly virus to get rid of the global accusation, created a scenario that the US CIA created a corona virus, condemning the US move. The rumor quickly spread in some countries that favor anti-American theories.

Is Corona a New Biological War?

Recent advances in life sciences on the one hand  and the misuse of the results of scientific research by powerful countries, on the other hand, has led to biological agents becoming deadly weapons that simultaneously threaten both national security and national and public health. In fact, biological weapons are the use of biological agents to terrorize, as well as the human toll that involves terrorist acts for specified purposes. As a matter of fact, It can be said that the use of biological weapons is not being considered a new tool against humanity, but in the past where there was still no technology like today, this tool was also used to point out the use of plague for military conquest, and in today’s world biological agents are often used in terrorist acts, even though many world powers claim human rights and are staunch claimers of human rights, but regard the use of biological agents as their legal right. Therefore, the use of biological weapons has not only stopped, but also advanced with the advancement of modern medical science, so it is imperative for countries to prevent such biological weapons from consulting with their scientists and experts on predicting, controlling, and countering them. Think of it as a solution and have the necessary preparedness and greater cooperation to protect human life in the context of international relations.

The primary purpose of biological wars is to disrupt social, business, economic activities, and to disrupt authority and regulate governments or multinational corporations. The corporate competitive market downturn in favor of buying and selling stocks has been widely cited as an example of the goals of biological weapons users. For example, the proliferation of the fifth generation of internet in the world over the next few years has created an atmosphere of competition between multinational corporations and big powers; Internet that is beyond the current speed of the Internet and will take over most of human life today. Therefore, it is not unexpected that the powers of the world and even the companies assigned to them will resort to such an indirect battlefield in order to eliminate competitors, and this time using the Corona virus. Therefore, the present era, rather than witnessing classical wars and conflicts, seems to have a special place in biological wars for human beings to use this dangerous weapon to pursue their political, economic and commercial goals without any physical conflict, even if it costs millions of lives. Besides, in such a situation, the first power will undoubtedly belong to a country that is superior in terms of technological and economic power. Accordingly, the strategic importance of biological weapons to such actors, both government and non-state, is that their destructive effect on the rival will not soon be eliminated, and will remain for subsequent generations of those who have used them.

A recent case of a Coronavirus reported from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, and more recently at the broader medical and health circles, underscores the importance of the biological issue, and the extent of the issue is acute. Also, In the not too distant future, it will be clear what the virus was, but based on the available evidence, it can be stated that biological threats are not confined to the military field and can rapidly endanger the health of citizens of all political, economic and political dimensions. , commercial, and so on.

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In conclusion, the outbreak of this deadly disease can also be considered a test of humanity in a w
orld where is ranging from unassuming people to developed, underdeveloped to developed countries and international forums, but Corona will be a disgrace to humanity if it fails. Nevertheless, it is too early to say who will win this universal general test and whether anyone was involved in producing such a deadly virus or was it just a natural process of nature. Because it takes time and in fact, the winner is the one who prevents social, economic and political collapse while preserving population life and reducing mortality and if it is able to liberate humanity from this crisis, and once again remind the dignity of humanity to the world.

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