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Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks℠: Scientists said it was two different strains of the coronavirus that caused the epidemic in Italy

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On Saturday in the Italian city of Pavia hosted a conference in which participants said the presence of two different strains of the coronavirus that caused the epidemic in the country. One of the types of the pathogen began to spread from mid-January.

Учёные заявили о двух разных штаммах коронавируса, вызвавших эпидемию в Италии

According to the Professor of Virology Fausto Baldanti to such conclusions scientists from the University of Pavia arrived at in the course of the study, carried out together with employees located in Milan Niguarda hospital. Experts have discovered two strains of the virus, had different genetic sequences and features, they have provoked two differing from other outbreaks in the Italian region of Lombardy, which has become the epicenter of the epidemic in the country. One subtype of coronavirus spread in the city of Cremona and the municipality of Lodi, the second one in Bergamo.

As the researchers found, close to the city of Lodi Codogno where February 20 was officially the first confirmed case of the disease in Italy COVID-19, the coronavirus spread from the middle of January, and with this pathogen has faced almost a quarter of local residents.

It should be noted, a similar conclusion reached by scientists from China, analyzed the genetic structure over hundreds of new models. The researchers said the presence today on the planet of two population strains of coronaviruses – L and S. the First is a more severe form of the disease, and due to the fact that infected them urgently hospitalized, were infected fewer people. Strain’s spread more, because is not so aggressive, so infected they were carried in a relatively easy manner, while at home on isolation.

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