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The Covid-19 Review

August 11, 2022 10:58 pm

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Saved and Shared Stories from Michael Novakhov

Saved Stories – None: 10:24 AM 7/23/2020

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Rats may be infected with Covid-19, and the dogs that hunt on them might get the infection and spread it to humans. This has to be looked in carefully and ASAP. Rodents as the potential vector of Covid-19 have to be dealt with. 
Furthermore, the Coronavirus Covid-19 Infection may be just a part of the complex Disease X-19 Infection, crudely mixed as the combined biological (and possibly chemical) weapon. One of the other parts may include the Hantaviruses infections, deliberately spread through rats. 

The relative crudeness of this hypothetical “disease and pandemic as bioweapon” design may point, also hypothetically (and together with other observations) in the direction of the Organized Crime (TOC, Russian-Jewish Mafia). 
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Michael_Novakhov shared this story from The FBI News Review.

The Satanic Temple plans to sue the state of Mississippi if its new flag i…

Saved Stories – None