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Saved Stories – None: 7:33 AM 7/23/2020 – Hypothesis: The pathogens causing the Disease X-19 circulated in the major local epicenters areas for years (10-15) before the first clinical cases were detected and identified. Besides Sars-Cov-2, they may include, hypothetically, the pathogens of the Hantaviruses Infections, African Swine Fever, and/or other infections, with or without the genomic modifications of these pathogens in a Lab.

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Tweets And News – From Michael Novakhov: 7:18 AM 7/23/2020 – The Hypothesis of the Disease X-19
Covid-19-Review: 6:27 AM 7/23/2020 – Study of Covid-19 in Lombardy, Northern Italy “revealed that a sustained community transmission was ongoing way before the

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