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The Covid-19 Review

June 26, 2022 4:35 pm

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Disease X-19 Medical Review

Collection : COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 preprints from medRxiv and bioRxiv: Impact of climatic parameters on COVID-19 pandemic progression in India: analysis and prediction

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COVID-19 is spreading rapidly worldwide and various factors of it have to be analysed. We analyze the effect of climatic parameters (Average Temperature (AT), Atmospheric Pressure (AP), Relative Humidity (RH), Solar Radiation (SR) and Wind Speed (WS)) on the COVID-19 epidemic during 25 March 2020 to 15 June 2020 in most affected states of India i.e. Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamilnadu. We quantitatively establish the correlation between these parameters by using Kendall & Spearman rank correlation test. The results indicate that the positive cases are highly correlated with the AT (r^2 >0.6,p
Collection : COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 preprints from medRxiv and bioRxiv