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The News And Times: If Cyber Hack 2020 is an act of war…

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 If Cyber Hack 2020 is an act of war by the “nation-state”, well planned and executed, then it is inevitable and logical to link it with the coincidental calamity, Covid-19 or the Disease X-19, as I call it, which appears to be the other side and other part of this undeclared war by the invisible and hard to define enemy, which looks to be more than just Russia.

This link seems to support the notion of “Covid-19” as the act of the combined BioInfoWarfare. This thought might be clumsily formulated but the connection FEELS palpably real and valid. Another part of this triad is the Trump Presidency or its twilight. Lift the veils, make it visible; expose it. This is the first step of understanding and dealing with it, the Bio-Info-Cyber War of 2020. 



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