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Blogs from Michael_Novakhov (30 sites): The News And Times: The Counterintelligence Aspects of 1.6.21 Capitol Riots | FBI: At least 82 arrested tied to U.S. Capitol insurrection – 8:04 AM 1/9/2021

8:04 AM 1/9/2021

Laptop stolen from Pelosi’s office during Capitol riots. And this … › 2021/01/09 › laptop-stolen-from-…
53 mins ago — And this is clearly the Counterintelligence Issue! … Capitol rioters terminated from jobs after social media users identify them … If the evidence fits the elements of a crime, they’re going to be charged. … WHO PAID FOR AND WHO ORGANIZED THE CAPITOL HILL RIOT OF 1.6.21?

Counterintelligence aspects of 1.6.21 Capitol Riots


  1. FBI: At least 82 arrested tied to U.S. Capitol insurrection, dozens face federal charges  KOMO News
  2. Man pictured with foot on desk in Pelosi’s office is arrested  NBC News
  3. Feds say police found a pickup truck full of bombs and guns near Capitol insurrection as wide-ranging investigation unfurls  CNN
  4. Gravette in glare after DC melee  Arkansas Online
  5. FBI gives update on Richard Barnett pictured in Pelosi’s office  KNWA
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    Trump permanently suspended from Twitter after Capitol siege 

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    BREAKING: The plane lost contact with Indonesia’s aviation authorities shortly after taking off from Jakarta 

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    JUST IN: A Sriwijaya Air plane has lost contact shortly after takeoff from the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, local media reported.

    Flight tracking shows the flight path ended off the coast just north of Jakarta after losing altitude. 

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    Lehigh University rescinds Trump’s honorary degree following Capitol riots 

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    Trump’s propaganda chief at Fox, Hannity, claims that 99% of Trump supporters were law abiding during their insurrection attempt Jan 6.

    This is plainly false, as we can all see from the TV footage and pictures.

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