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The Covid-19 Review

February 4, 2023 2:37 pm

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Blogs from Michael_Novakhov (30 sites): News and Music – Audio Review: So much for America – Audio News Review – 12:03 PM January 10, 2021

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So much for America – Audio News Review – 12:03 PM January 10, 2021

So much for America – Audio News Review – 12:03 PM January 10, 2021

So much for America

Republicans pushed election lies and armed protests, but say their rhetoric didn’t spur U.S. Capitol chaos

The left has decided that this is the opporutnity to ‘destroy’ the right: Rubio

Gunman, 32, goes on shooting spree in Chicago area, killing four before being shot dead by police – Daily Mail

Kenosha police, tactical response team make arrests following gunfire incident; multiple weapons recovered – Kenosha News

GOP senator: Trump should ‘finish’ remainder of presidency without further incident | TheHill

Puerto Rico oversight board prevails in latest dispute over local statutes – Reuters

Biden taps Jewish Orthodox woman to new senior National Security Council position – European Jewish Press

Greece names first openly gay minister – WBOC TV 16

Jake Angeli, otherwise known as QAnon cult figure ‘Q Shaman,’ turned himself in to authorities –

Gab gaining 10,000 users per hour, CEO claims, after Trump’s permanent Twitter suspension

Capitol Hill violence was not a ‘victory’ for Putin: In reality, Russia fears consequences of political instability in US – RT

Twitter’s censorship double standard is the ‘height of hypocrisy’: Rep Mace

“Conspiracy Against US” – Google News: How Ireland can stop the rise of the far-right – Irish Examiner

Google Alert – Jared Kushner: Ivanka Trump and Kids Celebrate Jared Kushner’s 40th Birthday Amid Chaotic Week in DC

Saudi Arabia tries to lure multinationals from Dubai

New York Daily News: Black boxes located at site of Indonesia plane crash

Police officer arrested in Ahuvya Sandak case released

Spain paralyzed by snowstorm, sends out vaccine, food convoys – CNN

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News and Music – Audio Review

Blogs from Michael_Novakhov (30 sites)