Shared Stories – Disease X-19

I respectfully recommend to WHO and the Scientific Community to rename “Covid-19” into the “Disease X-19”, because the etiology of  this syndrome is highly uncertain, and it might involve more pathogens than Sars-Cov-2 alone (possibly Hantaviruses, ASF, and/or other infections). Furthermore; presently, as reported by the clinicians, the clinical picture appears to be the complex multi-organ – multi-system failures, it looks quite different from the one which was initially observed and described in China in the beginning of 2020.
It is more than just the terminology; it is the correct unbiased thinking and the correct, fruitful research and the interventions. 
Naturally, the broader outlook changes the perspectives on the evaluation: all the relevant lab tests have to be performed, including the old preserved samples. The comprehensive studies testing this hypothesis are needed. 
It looks like the from the times of Antiquity, the Co-infections were the preferred tool of the Biowarfare as the simple method of increasing the pathogenic efficiency. 
The unusual and well documented proliferation of rodents, including the large rats in the major cities globally, along with their noticeably abnormal behavior is a clue that they might be the vectors in the transmissions of the combined infections. 
The recent, in the last several years, mostly reported in 2013-1019 massive epizootics of the viral illnesses in pigs livestock in China are the reasons for concern as the possible source of the infections in rodents and the possible zoonotic jump in the present Pandemic. 
This line of thought corresponds with the recently reported data about the earlier than thought previously emergence of the Pandemic: in the Spring-Summer of 2019, both in China and Europe. 
We have to understand the nature of the Disease X-19, before we attempt to determine its origins. 
Michael Novakhov | 7.13.20 
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